The Disease of the Red Tops.

I should be clear from the start with this entry, I hate the red top newspapers, and always have. For as long as I can remember, they have been synonymous with the spreading of lies, muck and dirt, directing their attention towards the lowest common denominator, and thriving on bile and hate. Their celebrity and sports obsessed front pages offer about as much insight to the movements of the world, as a close inspection of a bowel movement would provide. As a community of writers, they represent the bottom rung of society, the corner that has given up on any sense of ambition, decency or self respect, and turned their lives over instead to the greedy consumption of the despair of those in the world who have achieved more than them and often led much fuller lives, in the vain hope of dragging the upper rung down to their rancid little pit of oblivion.

We will be no doubt be hearing plenty over the next few days about how terrible these drain licking cretins are in their (so called) professional practices, yet already some corners are coming out and defending these vile urchins for the pressure they are working under, and how they find it so hard to complete in such a driven environment where the next story has to be better than the last, and blah blah fucking blah. If you find it so stressful, so loathsome an environment to work within, then get out! Make no mistake, these people chose a career path, these people choose to make up their stories and they chose, if so proven, to hack-in to the phones of murder victims. Forget any pathetic excuses about working conditions, you made a collective pact with the devil, you sold your collective souls in order to enhance your own position within your wretched community, you have no excuse.

But what should really grind at the very core of society, what is left of it at least, is that despite the repeatedly despicable behaviour of these papers, for this most recent allegation of hacking is only a snippet of the long repeated cycle of malicious activity feasted upon by red top journalists , is that there are people out there who buy this pestilence. There are people who will walk past you in the street today, or sit opposite you in work, who will have reached into their pockets, pulled out coin, and exchanged it with a vendor in order to be able to sample the detritus within this morning’s copy of the News of the World, in full knowledge of what their columnists have chosen to stand alongside and be counted with. The allegations regarding phone hacking are appalling in their own right, but what is far worse, what should make us, as a nation, sit down and collectively weep, is that there are still human beings among us who make the conscious choice to expose themselves to such vile material.

The country is in a diseased state, and the red tops are the smallpox of society, waiting to be eradicated.

  1. The ,Western Mail, is a 'Red Top' these days, is it not?

  2. Sad to say, but frankly it is well on its way. Perhaps it has not lost its moral core just yet, but in terms of the standard of its journalism it is well on its way from where it was ten years ago.

    • bobby mcflanky
    • November 13th, 2012

    Could not agree more. Well said!

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