The Welsh embarrassment of the Olympics.

Having been subject to one of the most outrageous financial injustices in recent memory, of having millions of pounds drawn not only from the pockets of Welsh residents of the British Isles, but of every other non London based resident as well, the nation now has to suffer the public humiliation of being shooed away by the London Tory Tafia of Gito Harri. To have Wales and the Welsh political elite (as members of the Senedd should now be seen), pointed at and essentially laughed out of town in the national media, is a disgrace on numerous levels.

There may well be some rightful scorn poured on current Welsh whingings at the lack of events and business drawn to Wales as part of the Olympics build, it is indeed far too late in the day to start complaining about such things now, and the Labour Government in Cardiff should be well aware of this , but the real point of embarrassment should rest in the initial complaints about not having enough events in Wales. As a concept, surely this is critically flawed? It is after all, a London Olympics, while many have gone on record to describe it as being the English Games. If we were to reverse this concept, and think of a hypothetical Welsh Commonwealth Games for instance, how would we in Wales respond to what have occasionally sounded like demands from the Senedd, but instead from Westminster, for events to be moved from South Wales, to London? Not well I wager.

Let’s be clear, far too much money, Welsh money, has been lost to these games, therefore Wales should see some return on its enforced investment. But to despair at the lack of competitions being held in our country is backward. We look more desperate and more pathetic by the day as this Olympic farce goes on. To benefit, we must see investment in sports facilities in Wales and a share of the long term profits of the games. What we do not need is a succession of middling to irrelevant events scattered in and around Cardiff. Let London have their games, and let Wales have its share of the revenue, but let us not shame ourselves further by chasing some elusive dream of games in Cardiff, let us not look to piggyback some promotional aspects of a games that we know will ultimately be more of a financial burden on our nation than anything else. Let us look to what we can do for ourselves.

There will be teams, there will be tourists, and there will only be so much space in London for all who come to suckle at the sporting teat of this overblown sporting institution. Let our strength be found now in our ability to play host to those who are attracted to Wales as a base during their Olympic visit, and encourage others to follow suit it settling in on this side of the border for their stay. The ship of manufacturing contracts and additional events has sailed, and we do nothing for our own credibility in bleating about it further. We must look grown up, we must look assertive, and we must now look to what we can take from these games, rather than dwell on that which can no longer be ours.  

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