Clarification regarding BNP

Just in case anyone has got the wrong impression, following a certain, rather obscurely edited comment on another feed, this blog would very much like to stress its deep revulsion at the mere presence of the BNP party in local elections in Wales, anywhere in Wales for that matter.

To clarify what the particular comment response should have read as (I see it has generated a lot of traffic, hence very much wanting to clarify my position on it):

‘What will I be doing to protect my grand children’s future…? Not voting for the BNP for a start.’

It didn’t quiet come out like that for some reason – but that was very much what should have been published.

    • brian
    • September 5th, 2011

    Well what are you going to do then? lie down and die while their future, inheritance and their country is handed away to foreigners?

    Shame on you then! How will you look them in the eye on your death bed?

  1. Hrm, I didnt realise that there were only two options, those being (a) vote BNP, or (b) do nothing and let society burn, though in that senario option b would probably still edge things. How about looking to work with all communities that are living in the UK, remembering that the bulk of our society is built upon the ideas of cultural integration, and not resorting to a ‘chase them out of town’ mentality as a first and last resort? Just some things that might be done that you might consider as alternatives to options a and b.

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