Images around Flatholm Island: Part 1

This is proving to be an increasingly busy week, so while there are no shortages of political developments in Wales worthy of debate, I’m left with time only to root around the photo albums, and pull out some archive shots of Flatholm, a fascinating Welsh island, and a haven for anyone with archaeological inclincatons for the last 200 years or so. (Part 1 as there are plenty more of these to share some other time.)  

  1. Although, I myself am of Scottish heritage and my better half is Irish, the rugged landscape of Wales reminds me of those other shores. And I must confess my son was in a pipe and drum corp for many years (I read you don’t like the bagpipes). Anyway, thanks so much for sharing the beauty and history of Wales.

    • Hey, thanks for dropping by. Yes, it is a long standing aversion to bagpipes I’m afraid, but as a big fan of cultural heritage, even though my ears don’t cope with them, they should still be celebrated. Thanks for the comments, hopefully I’ll post some more from this album soon, Flatholm is a great location, very atmospheric!

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