7 Billion…

So, UNESCO is rubbing its hands at the prospect of baby number 7,000,000,000 being kicked out of the other end of the production line that is now the human factory. 7 billion of us. Of course the news carriers are wracked with confusion, do we celebrate this, the wonders of human life and it’s on-going expansion, or do we despair as the foundations of the earth begin to creak and shiver at the weight brought on by its 7billionth passenger? It’s a tricky one eh, good thing, bad thing, a joyous life, too many mouths to manage…tricky.

One way to look upon this is from the perspective of those who see themselves as elderly today. Those who are reaching the natural end of their lifespan, they will go out of this world knowing that they leave it with a population that has more than doubled in their brief period of existence. They will pass on and be forgotten, only to be replaced by the hurried pressed feet of five more replicants, entering the race to desperately identify some form of meaning and self worth to their respective lives, before they themselves fall out of existence. Perhaps the struggle for meaning, for identity, will take on new precedents as time goes on. As more and more of us trip over the bodies of our ancestors, and stamp on the faces of those too slow and old to get out of our way, the pressure to justify ourselves will grow, the need to hear our name shouted out over the bubbling throng of human existence will come to consume us.

For those coming into the world, while those who knew a time of only 3billion go out, one wonders how many they will have to share their dying days with – 10billion, 13billion, 15billion? As more and more of us bump elbows before dropping to the gutter to breed, and breed and breed some more, what aspiration will be left, but too breed? As the planet crowds over, the evils of pollution and starvation will come to trouble our collective less and less. The needs of others will vanish in a soup of me, me, me. The human conditioning, becoming one of identity, recognition and attention, will lead the masses from one computer screen to the next, from one reality tv show to the next, from one iphone to the next ilife – look at me they all will scream, at their televisions, at their computers, at their phones, at the backs of the heads of the billions who stand in their way, the billions who will not look back to those they can help, but only look forward to those in the way who can be surpassed.

7billion. 7billion lives, or, if you care to dream, 7billion souls. 7billion units, 7billion drones, 7billion equations , 7billion mouths, 7billion hearts, 7billion wallets, 7billion I was here firsts…we all were here first, we all got in the line before you did, we all deserve more than the other 6billion odd bastards getting in our way. 7billions I don’t cares, 7billion fuck yous, 7billion end of the lines, 7billion rotten lives. 7billion.  

Is it something to celebrate? Are we all something to celebrate? We could be, 7billion of us, plus one more, might be something to celebrate, if we were not us. If we were something better, something that looked out for the other 7billion, that gave a crap about the other 7billion, that cared for the other 7billion; then yes, we would be something to celebrate. But what we are, and the prospect of more of us being added to the festering pond that we have nurtured into our own toxic graveyard of mortal existence…no, what we are is not something to celebrate. 7billion of us is something to fear, something to jeer, something to weep about, something for which we might shed a tear.

7billion is too many. Yet, we will add to it, every single day.

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