Elin Jones on the Charge.

The Plaid leadership battle has already started to heat up, and with nominations set to close tonight, the campaigning for many has already begun. Elin Jones has led the way this week, coming out with a raft of interesting and almost good ideas regarding Welsh referendums. While it is nice to finally see some assertive action coming from the favourite to take the party leadership, they come with a degree of surprise given Jones’ previous reticence to say anything of substance on anything. We have a theory on where all these clear policies are coming from…

  1. I’m afraid that I found elin’s promise to hold a referendum after two successive election victories both too timid (why not one?) and lacking in understanding on just how the political landscape in Britain is going to change before even the next election. Unless we are ready to take the bull by the horns, events could well run away with us, and go beyond our control forever.

    It is good to see Leanne’s policies on economic development becoming mainstream, however.

    • Indeed, Elin’s statement was so empty of ambition and a case of ‘what we’ll do’ based on ‘when’ and ‘if’. It exhibited the same short comings of leadership that saw Plaid slip into third in Wales, and I am afraid that a period of party leadership overseen by her, will only see third consolidated.

      Wood, thankfully, through direct statements and clear policy indicators, is making a real fight of things. Fingers crossed on someone decisive and bold for the top job!

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