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Following on from images of Coity Castle, in a churchyard hidden behind that same castle, were some amazing nature reclamations of many burial monuments. Here are just a selection of some of the nature tombs to be found.

Some examples saw nature taking the shape of certain monuments.

In other instances, form is lost as nature expands above and beyond the original construction.

While it is always a shame to see such monuments forgotten and left to decay, there remains something quite impressive about these images, as nature takes back body and monument together.

  1. Fantastic photographs! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks back – these were some great finds, very unexpected, and then the gloomy weather on the day just added to the experience.

  2. Great find! Looks like the ivy is fairly taking over the graveyard.

    • It really was, and quite random too, the ivy coverage to this extent had only occured on about ten examples, but where there was coverage, the visual results were quite staggering in some instances.

    • Jasper
    • June 12th, 2012

    Have you seen glasnost comments on gogwatch today?

    • What an odd entry to ask that question about, unless the glasnost comment has something do to with graveyards? Er, nope, anything of interest?

        • Jasper
        • June 13th, 2012

        Yes it is an odd place for the entry. Perhaps you should edit it out.

      • 🙂 that’s okay, the photos in that entry are good, happy for them to be boosted a bit, even if the discussion is a bit off topic.

      • Tracked down what you were talking about. I think we’ve addressed the issue. Had not really picked up on the outing efforts of some of those posting comments. Tidied those up now – not really the purpose of this site to go identifying people. We struggle on occasions here because we hate the moderated comments only policy that lots of political blogs on wordpress use, always felt it stifles debate rather than encourages it. Anyway, that issue of anonymity should be cleared up for now, and we can all go back to enjoying pictures of churchyards 😉

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