Hidden St Fagans

We keep returning to St Fagans, and with good reason. Through all the years, and all the visits, new features are still to be found, while old favourites serve to surprise when caught in the right moment.

St Teilos caught in shadow – I love this image, just the perfect tiptoe of shape over the blank canvas of the site.

A wonderfully creepy creature lurking out of the pond below the castle.

A number of the trees in St Fagans are suffering from one condition or another, yet their demise still serves to create some stunning visuals. This one almost looked as if it were being conquered by some moving mass.

More headstones, this time from the churchyard behind St Fagans. No overgrowth this time, but a rare example of this style.

I forget which building this was taken in, but lit up it seemed almost on fire that day.


    • maenamor
    • February 23rd, 2012

    wow…jealous great photo’s…love them

    • Thanks so much – it was lucky to have the time on the day to find some of these. Been to the location more times than I can remember, and a joy to stumble across so many new hidden corners.

  1. What a wonderfully creepy set of photos! Thanks.

  2. Wonderfully string contrast in the top image!

  3. ‘strong’, obviously 😉

    • Indeed 🙂 Many thanks, the image at the top was the best of the day, taken towards the end of the day I think, as the sun was dropping behind the trees. The site works like a blank canvas with the white washed surfaces – think I’ll be returning at different times of year to see how those shadows change.

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