Part 1 of Cadogan’s solo adventures.

The Adventures of Kai and Cadogan

Kai was working last week, so I had to explore this city on my own. I hear there were Romans around this place once, all I saw were tourists!

I think a pope lives in this place, but I didn’t see him – big house though, bigger than the one Kai got us.

I don’t think many people in this Rome place liked me much, and this guy in particular was a real meanie, wouldn’t stop shouting (some security guards thought it was odd that I was sitting on his pedestal as well…).

When I’m with Kai, I usually find things, and he tells me what they are. With him at home, I wasn’t so sure what this place was, but it was pretty big…I think I saw a movie about this place, but it seems a little run down from when they were shooting here.

I found this as well, Kai told…

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