A different perspective on the ‘pyramids’.

The Adventures of Kai and Cadogan

Kai and Cadogan have been wandering overseas once more, and have stumbled across a whole host of bizarre things to put in their travel diary.

These two seemed to have been saved from the front of a ship, they pointed the way for Kai to stumble across some highly unusual rituals.

Kai never expected to find examples of human sacrifice, but here he was invited to watch. The person on the table did not seem to be enjoying the day!

After the sacrifice, Kai and Cadogan had to creep past some overly intimidating guard lizards. This one though seemed to have eaten earlier in the day, and our happy explorers managed to sneak through.

Finally Kai found his ‘pyramid’, but he quickly concluded using his academic skills, that this was little more than a 19th century mound of farming structures. He was certainly dissapointed, but vowed to expose the myth of this…

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