Things we learnt from the Olympics. No.1

The most complicated ticketing allocation system in the world…is exactly what it sounds like.

Having offered constant reassurances in the run up to the games, that the threat of empty seats in front of world television audiences would be a thing of the past, Seb Coe had to hide behind the four spectators who watched the first day of gymnastic events as the very opposite happened. The lottery system always seemed a little obscure, after all, decades of people paying money for the events they wanted to see, seemed to have worked out rather well. The dramatic change in policy, which resulted in track and field fans being issued with football tickets, and swimming fans observing boxing, was indeed confusing to some, and was perhaps at least a contributory factor in the empty seats around stadiums.

The dream is realised, a stunning empty stadium, the plan all along.

This has not deterred Boris Johnson from introducing a public transport lottery system. Passengers might not end up on the bus that will take them where they want to go, but they will be guaranteed a spot on the vehicle (though that guarantee is not guaranteed)…that is how the Olympic model was intended to work yes?

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