A brief note on BiLingo

We were going to let this one slide, given that BiLingo appears to be a coughed up left over of gogwatch, and we’ve largely done that one to death already. However BiLingo have managed to garner much more attention than their parent site gogwatch ever did, so perhaps some attention is warranted. Plenty of other Welsh political bloggers have covered the details of this story already, but to summarise, BiLingo appeared as a front for alleged concerns from parents in Ceredigion. Accusations were made which essentially suggested that child abuse was rife in the region, as punishment for not speaking the Welsh language. This was quickly jumped upon and promoted by the Telegraph and Mail. As the story developed though, the allegations suddenly vanished from the website – perhaps the owner of BiLingo got more than ‘he’ bargained for with the coverage, and suddenly considered the legal implications of what many presume to be the unfounded allegations of a single individual. Regardless of the legitimacy of the comments, they were made, heard, and now a temporary hoohah has broken out regarding the Welsh language.

Now, it’s somewhat difficult to be specifically critical of the BiLingo website, simply by virtue of the fact that it’s owner seems to be redesigning it on an hourly basis, as the legal ramifications of their accusations appears to dawn on them. But the current (as of Friday afternoon) webpage argues that for BiLingo, ‘the main issue seems to be the lack of choice’. This certainly has echoes with the old gogwatch pages, after all, they never wanted to get rid of Welsh did they…no, of course not, what they advocated was choice. Maybe a cursory glance at the BiLingo twitter feed will enlighten us further.

Excellent to see so much coverage of our website today. Join us on our glorious march out of the dark ages – we say ONE world ONE language.

This is the very first tweet from the BiLingo feed. One language they call for…one language. So BiLingo, your concept of choice actually boils down to offering no choice at all, how very gogwatch of you.

We’re standing on the shoulders of giants @gogwatch

This would seem to indicate that whether BiLingo claims to be connected to gogwatch or not, they certainly see themselves as being in similar company. 

Bilingo – a campaign for language human rights and justice for the silenced

and yet, lines like this, that espouse the merits of human rights, are simply direct echoes of that which gogwatch relied upon as a central theme to their complaints. Not gogwatch, but something that sounds exactly like it. 

Welsh is a wonderful language, but why should we use it to punish children? Their only young once #cymru

While BiLingo makes the odd brief concession to the Welsh language, they still see it’s presence in an educational setting as a punishment in it’s own right.

@mark4ceredigion will you join our campaign? We want representation at Westminster to stop the pro welsh madness

But then, BiLingo still fall back on the fact that what underpins Welsh language in education, is madness – again, how inclusive of them… 
It’s just a snap shot of the usual vitriol that comes out of this community, a campaign to eradicate the Welsh language dressed up as an attempt to create ‘fairness’. Yet, as with gogwatch before it, the only sense of ‘equality’ that will be enjoyed by such campaigns will be only for English speakers, and the paranoid anti Welsh minority. May they enjoy their moment in the limelight, it won’t last long – and for their sake, they had better hope that they have something substantial to back up their claims, we can imagine there are many in the teaching community in Ceredigion who are lining up all sorts of law suits against this little site.
    • Fletcher Reede
    • November 17th, 2012

    Standing on the shoulders of giants! The conceit and the narcissm are risible. You get a sense that this will all end in tears.

  1. I wonder if this clown has actually read up on any of these rights they mention so freely?

    Oh and I like the new layout. Much easier to read.

    • On track record, probably not.

      Thanks, we played with some designs, this one seems to work for now.

    • Ibuprofen
    • November 18th, 2012

    Whatever happened to Gogwatch anyway? I used to consider it quite a fun hobby to occasionally pop in to their conversations and point out how ignorant and wrong most of them were. I know I should be happy they’re gone, but I do miss debating against the resident morons. 😥

    • There are a handful of gogwatch refugees floating around the place. One from New Zealand likes to drop in here from time to time, feel free to take on whats left of them on here.

    • Y Cneifiwr
    • November 24th, 2012

    Note the comment “their only young once” (sic). A lot of children in Ceredigion would be able to put him/her right about that.

      • woodpecker
      • December 1st, 2012

      Not as many since two English teachers in Ceredigion were forcibly made redundant as they did not speak Welsh !

      • Got a link, evidence woodpecker? Only ask because it would now appear that the BiLingo twitter feed has vanished (again), while the old gogwatch site seems to have completely vanished now. The anti-Welsh paper trail appears to be retreating into oblivion after it’s five minutes of fame.

    • lea
    • November 25th, 2012

    I think Gogwatch has relaunched itself as BiLingo, same sad old man as before and most of us already know who he is. This sort of personality loves to create drama and chaos, as attention good or bad is preferable than non at all. Lets hope this latest attempt doesnt feed him for to long.

    • Lea
    • February 25th, 2013

    He is back the same nasty old man of Bilingo and gogwatch. This time looking for his attention by circulating letters to parents, head teacher and board of governors at Ysgol Glanwyddan in Conwy as seen on the Syniadau Blog. Revealing his true identity and whereabouts. This truly sad disturbed old age pensioner should not be allowed acsess to a computer. Just hope they don’t feed his ego for too long.

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  4. Highly descriptive post, I enjoyed that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

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