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Photo blog: St Fagans

Chance saw a return to St Fagans today, and although the National Museum site appears frequently on these pages, it’s always a worth another look. Recent images from the Celtic Village on show here, enjoy it while it lasts, only a year left on this one.

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Photos: Remembering France

An unplanned entry here, as we find ourselves stuck in the office with nothing left to do, and having waded through the image files, come across some old images from adventures in France – nothing Welsh, nothing political, and certainly nothing to do with rugby, but enjoy all the same.

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Mari Lwyd in photos: 06/01/2011

The Mari Lwyd tradition is one of the stranger elements in the Welsh cultural calendar. Celebrated in increasing numbers across Wales (and beyond it should be stressed), the Mari Lwyd today is largely an imagined revival, often dominated by Morris Dancers of one variety or another – in these images, you will find examples of the ‘border’ Morris Men. Imagined or not, such evenings are usually entertainingly alcohol driven occasions, marked by song, dance, and a collection of decorated deceased horses heads – enjoy.

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Remembering Winter: Photo Blog

It would appear that winter has passed us by in Wales so far (though no doubt the mid February snow storms will come and surprise us all). Following New Years celebrations, a tidy up of the image files revealed these timely reminders from last year (with sadly not the highest quality camera) that things do get snowy and icy in Wales from time to time, even if things are decidedly warm and wet right now! 

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Photo blog 2/2: Inside a Welsh Church on Christmas Day.

Some images from inside a little Welsh church on Christmas day – look out for the ladybirds, lots of them!

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Photo blog 1/2: Christmas Mushrooms

Mushrooms spotted on Christmas morn.

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Roma Part 3: A Different Take on the City.

Part 3 of 3 here, as the last of this Rome based trilogy is concluded. Some more obscure images of the city this time, as the more recent decorative elements of the city are considered, alongside some of the more political issues as well.

Graffiti found under a bridge in the southern part of the city. The lettering on ‘ROMA’ is particularly impressive.
Simpler graffiti overlooking the Circus Maximus.
A giant head overlooking the Circus Maximus.
Terme di Caracalla – carved into the ground by said site.
The voice of protest by the Forum.
A pet supply store north of the forum, complete with the owners cat in the window.

Roma Part 2: Somewhat off the beaten track.

Part 2 of 3 of photos in and around Rome. These selections offer views on the southern and northern most sides of the city, some Roman in nature, some quite a bit more recent, either way, these are some of the sites that don’t always find their way to the core tourists attention. Included are views of the ever epic city walls and gateways allowing for traffic in and out of the anicent city.

Roma Part 1: Conventional Rome

Part 1 of 3 of photoblogs in and around Rome. Nothing to do with Wales mind you, but a city always worth a look at. A selection here of more traditional and obvious features in the city to begin with.

Weobley Castle