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Important developments for the libraries community in Wales.

LIS Research Coalition

Alyson Tyler, Libraries Development Adviser for CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales, and a member of the Board of Directors of the LIS Research Coalition, has contributed a guest blog post on the Welsh Government’s Libraries Inspire strategy and the part that research played in its development. Alyson writes:

Libraries Inspire coverIn November 2011, Huw Lewis AM, Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage launched the Welsh Government’s Libraries Inspire: the strategic development framework for Welsh libraries 2012–16. This strategy has been developed through working closely with the various library sectors in Wales, and its successful delivery depends on close partnership working between CyMAL, the library sectors and other partners to improve services and make a difference to people’s lives.

Research played an important part in drawing up the new strategy. Surveys with library staff, users and non-users, and focus groups were held as part of the evaluation of Libraries for Life

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What a guy Shane Williams is!

The Adventures of Kai and Cadogan

Cadogan had a great day out in Cardiff yesterday – but he was probably most pleased when he made a fab new friend!

After making his new friend, it was off for a spot of lunch…

…which did not last long…

Before watching Wales overcome a determined Italian defence in Cardiff.

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The Adventures of Kai and Cadogan

My journeys in Rome continued with some amazing sights. I think this pillar is quite famous, very tall, but I couldn’t get close enough to see if there were any dogs on it.

The views from up high around the city were impressive, but again, no dogs up here either.

This though was one view I was not expecting too see…I did not enjoy this place as much as others I visited…

And I have no idea who Mussolini is, or why he wrote his name on the floor here?!

Still, although I didn’t learn much on my second day of travelling, I did get to enjoy a lot of sun. Ah well, only one day left of my adventure!

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The Adventures of Kai and Cadogan

Still plenty to show from Roman adventures, but back to the day job for now. Kai and Cadogan were busy in the office, working through some books that were a little on the heavy side!

So heavy and large in fact, that the only way they could get through it all, was to get into the book itself!

Cadogan didn’t understand much of this, the names were a little too long for him to remember…

Cadogan actually had a lot more fun playing on this cannon ball, but had even more fun when Kai showed him…

…this huge bone, the perfect piece for a dog to study!

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Part 1 of Cadogan’s solo adventures.

The Adventures of Kai and Cadogan

Kai was working last week, so I had to explore this city on my own. I hear there were Romans around this place once, all I saw were tourists!

I think a pope lives in this place, but I didn’t see him – big house though, bigger than the one Kai got us.

I don’t think many people in this Rome place liked me much, and this guy in particular was a real meanie, wouldn’t stop shouting (some security guards thought it was odd that I was sitting on his pedestal as well…).

When I’m with Kai, I usually find things, and he tells me what they are. With him at home, I wasn’t so sure what this place was, but it was pretty big…I think I saw a movie about this place, but it seems a little run down from when they were shooting here.

I found this as well, Kai told…

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A new side project of eyeonwales – a bit of fun more than anything else.

The Adventures of Kai and Cadogan


Hello world, we are Kai and Cadogan – a side project of We will be travelling around Wales and the World, searching out excitement and adventure, always in the hope of stumbling across treasure! We look forward to you following us, and look forward to your company!

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A really interesting piece from the AIRC on the ongoing fate of the Colosseum.

American Institute for Roman Culture

The Colosseum, the quintessential symbol of Rome and Roman culture, has been a fixture in the international news for the past several months, mostly because of a series of incidents involving small pieces of stone, cement, and plaster that have detached and fallen, usually without causing injury. Is the Colosseum falling down? Yes and no.

In its 1930 years the Flavian Amphitheater (to use its formal name) has endured every conceivable form of structural stress and degradation: floods, fires, lightning strikes, earthquakes, invasive occupation by animals and humans (for settlement, commerce, and burial), deliberate attack (to remove the metal clamps holding together the blocks, creating the current Swiss-cheese appearance), and the slow, steady decay that every structure experiences due to seasonal changes in temperature and atmospheric moisture and pressure.

The most spectacular event in its history was undoubtedly the collapse of the southern section of the outer…

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The Creepiest Guy in Cardiff?

With the time of year, there is little time to post at the moment, however, this one seems to be doing the rounds, and seems worthy of sharing late in the day on Sunday. From a real room ad (link provided:, is this the creepiest guy in Cardiff? You decide!

While we always try to show the best of Wales, it’s worth remembering that it’s not all perfect!

‘Hello ladies. The rent is free but conditions apply please read below for a bright and spacious one bedroom with a big window available in shared flat,

In cardiff city centre,

The one bedroom and apartment is fully furnished, there is plenty of storage.
the flat includes nice bed, wardrobe and a table.
There is also a spacious sitting area in the kitchen with a large dining table and sofa.

Rent is free including bills (+internet). no deposit .
The flat is available now.

The only catch is , I wish to take pictures of your feet ONLY. I don’t care about your body or face, and nothing other than pictures your feet will be taken. NO SEX is involved.

If you are interested please email me 1 photo of your soles and face in the same image and then i can decide if your the right person for the bedroom.

Send your photo to: bedroomforrent@hotmail. com


London’s Commuters –Rancid Humans

Time for a bit of a random rant I feel. While comment could be passed on the oddities of Wales World Cup squad, or the excitement of everything going on in Libya, instead I want to reflect on an abortive attempt to manoeuvre through London’s public transport system with a disabled travelling partner. Now, I would like to qualify this by saying that every member of staff we encountered, everybody suited or parading shimmering florescent coats, did what I felt was a great job of assisting, when assistance was required. However, it took some impressive degrees of oafery and ignorance for assistance to be required in the first place.

One wonders what people think when passing a slow moving individual, trailing a heavy leg while supporting themselves with crutches? You would hope those people would think ‘ah, person with an injury/disability, time to slow down and makes some space’. This would be the expected response of someone with a degree of social decency. However, London offers us the rare opportunity to engage with people for whom the concept of social decency does not apply, a people who embrace the concept of ‘move forwards first – think later’. With said partner, initially her injured foot was the subject of a massive trauma inflicted by a Spaniard who clearly seemed to view my partner’s foot as a mini ramp upon which neat jump tricks could be performed. Perhaps the Spanish travel bag riding Tony Hawks equivalent of 2011. Following this initial impact, an Arabic fellow, possibly Libyan in origins, either celebrating or consoling himself following the recent events of his home country, took it upon himself to flail a shoulder bag into her side – while she rested from the first assault. The collective behaviour of the travelling scum class, intent on getting where they are going, and ignoring anything that might get in their way.

It might be harsh to point the finger at London as a whole, or London commuters, for on both occasions, foreign nationals were solely to blame for the injuries imposed on my partner, but there is something quiet dark and sickly about the behaviour of many who make use of public transport systems, not just in London, but in many major cities. V Gordon Childe once compiled a 10 point categorisation list for what defined a city in the ancient world; were he to write it today, he might consider an eleventh point that notes ‘those in cities with designs on travel, will endeavour to inflict harm and injury upon other surrounding commuters’. Certainly it is a pattern of behaviour mirrored in many of what we today recognise as cities, and it is rotten. When people are rushing so far and so fast, that they cannot take the time to move aside and make way for the injured, disabled or elderly, then things are moving too far and too fast. Whatever you are doing is unlikely to be so important as to warrant hurting others around you, so take the time and slow down, you might turn out to be a little less of a selfish shit stain on society, and more of a vaguely acceptable excuse for a human being.

RWC2011 Wales and the Remaining Questions.

Wales brought their pre world cup fixture list to a close in Cardiff yesterday with a comfortable victory over a clearly underprepared Argentina. It must be stressed that during an abysmal first half, Wales could count themselves very lucky to not have found themselves on the wrong end of a 15 points deficit, had the Argentineans not forgotten to pack their kicking radar. As it was, a dire first 30 minutes, characterised by dropped balls, high passes and poorly placed kicks, was torn open by the Welsh attack with only moments remaining of the first half. Inspired by an excellent Tavis Knoyle, the speed of the ball around the breakdown opened up the Argentine defence and allowed two well taken scoring opportunities. Wales, as their current form dictates, had two chances, and scored from them, ultimately proving the difference between the opponents, largely mirroring the performances against England in this respect. The second half brought more intent from both teams, though errors would ultimately dominate. As the game reached an odd conclusion, with Hook taking it upon himself to make safe a two score lead with no time remaining, Wales will clearly leave the field as the more contended team. Argentina will be better for the experience, but one wonders whether this single game warm up will be enough to prepare them for a frustrating, but ultimately better prepared England team.

Yet questions remain for Wales, and while a win could be enjoyed in the evening, certain players continue to have question marks hovering over them going into Monday’s world cup squad selection. Going through some of the more prominent names below, it will be of interest, and concern, if certain players make the grade.

Lee Byrne: Who knows what has happened to Byrne, the man is a mere shadow of his former self. Pulled in the second half, and outperformed by Halfpenny at the back, Byrne showed little ability going forward, with erratic kicks coupled with terrible decision making. Wales might be light on designated fullbacks, but the style of the Welsh play is such, that three covering wings have proven as effective in both attack and defence over the last three games. One imagine Byrne will be handed a plane ticket, but only as a man who can only wear the number 15 on his back, it certainly won’t be on form, and one hopes that if he does travel, it will only be as an emergency squad player.

Richard Hibbard: Another player who should find himself cast aside. Everyone in Wales knows that Hibbard is overweight and an underperformer. Single handed, he managed to destroy month’s worth of work at the lineout, and no one was surprised. Having come into the world cup squad so late, one imagines that he will now travel, but Welsh fans must pray that Huw Bennett remains fit, because a reliance on Hibbard in any game bar Namibia, would prove a disaster. Should not travel, for want of others in his position, sadly, probably will.

Andy Powell: The enigma goes on. My heart sank as he bullocked his way towards the try line, thinking that one score has probably sent him to New Zealand. At the very least, he should be considered only 3rd choice behind Faletau and Ryan Jones. Powell’s one dimensional play will leave him exposed against South Africa, and vulnerable to the power of Fiji and Samoa. While he did not let anyone down yesterday, his handling in advantage play situations was poor. A back up and nothing more (yet another player who will probably earn his caps against Namibia should he travel).

Mike Phillips: One certain to travel, but one who should not take his starting position for granted, Phillips was outplayed by two youngsters against Argentina. Both Knoyle and Williams looked sharp and hungry, and most important of all, quick. Phillips may have improved over the two England games, but he still looks a step behind the young pretenders in terms of speed and decision making.

James Hook: The final figure to dwell on for today, Hook will obviously travel to New Zealand, but as 10,12 or 15 should be an unresolved issue. Given his chance to deliver a full 80 minutes in the role, Hook can only be seen to have disappointed. The sense of control and authority required from an outside half was clearly lacking from Hook, and it was not for want of good ball. The French referee’s insistence to dissolve the scrum as a contest meant there was plenty of quick ball for Hook, but often the decision making and execution was poor. On form, Priestland stands out as the clear first choice 10 for Wales, while Hook should start at fullback (in place of the dreadful Byrne). There is no doubt that Hook can deliver, but on the strength of what we have seen, he does not look comfortable with the responsibilities of 10, and unless Priestland gives any reason to doubt (which so far he has not), the coaching staff would be hard pressed to overlook him in that pivotal spot.