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Inside the Mind: Jeremy Hunt

The ‘Inside the Mind’ series probes the potential realities that might be experienced were we able to walk through the subconscious experiences of individuals. Today we explore subject 043: Code name Jeremy

Field Notes Summary:

Upon entering the mind of Jeremy, you are immediately struck by how white everything is. While there is certainly no shortage of baggage in this reality, clear outlines of boxes can be made out, but they are cleverly disguised under white canvas sheets. There is the sense that the mind creating this can keep going on as normal, so long as it forgets whatever is hidden in all these boxes. Through deniability, the user has created a tranquil haven. We might presume while the user is in this particular space, they might exhibit a slightly dull, vacant smile, removed from the rigors of reality.

As we moved through the subconscious of 043, we discovered a huge domed room. Clearly indicated above the only doorway into this space was the title ‘Policy’. It was with some surprise that in this vast cavernous area, there were only two things. On the left of the room, sat in a golden chair, was a huge man, bearded and shimmering. He was scribbling bible passages down on scraps of paper before tossing them into the air. On the ground, miniature versions of subject 043 scurried at the feet of this deity like figure, tearing at the shreds of paper and consuming what remained. Those who eat enough of the bible passages then appeared to float skywards, we presume, though have not confirmed, to a part of the subjects subconscious that is responsible for rational thought and behavior.

On the other side of the space, further miniature versions of subject 043  (hereby referred to as Hunts) swing with enthusiasm on the handles of a giant pair of scissors. The  Hunts chant the word ‘cut’ in a low mantra, while above the scissors, further Hunts feed the letters C, U, L, T, R and E through the blades. The letters N, H and finally S sit stacked on a pile nearby the cutting tool, and seem destined to follow the path of the previous letters.

This is a troubled mind indeed, defined by a need to please figures that will always wield more power than himself, by committing to symbolic acts of cutting based sacrifices. The subject’s only coping mechanism in this reality is to deny, and it seems to be working for him.