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BBC Excitement Over Cancer Non News Story.


Helpful pictures from the BBC, for the idiots out there...

Well, the world can rest easy today, after the BBC have gone to great lengths to bring us the results of exciting new research – lifestyle choices can increase your risk of developing cancer. Yep, we were as shocked as you were no doubt at the revelations of this ground breaking new body of research. Now we have it confirmed from the clever boffins in white coats, that if you are overweight, it might not be good for your health, if you drink lots of alcohol, it might shorten your life, if you smoke you might get lung cancer…and someone was paid to produce this report?

Maybe it’s because Christmas is coming up, the annual excuse to indulge to waste busting excess because someone put a tree in the living room (which is an interesting logical absurdity in its own right), that the BBC and health authorities are being so heavy handed in their efforts to slap society in the face with what they already know. Or, perhaps it is more a case of dismay with the general mental aptitude of the British public at large is such that, despite having heard it a million times before, they simply do not have the cognitive capacity to learn the lesson and stop. Either way, the excitement over this report, which has dominated headlines on television, radio and internet pages supported by the Beeb, has been dramatic to say the least.

Perhaps it is actually the case that the current crop of BBC reporters have only just never heard this news. Having been so distracted by financial crises, Arabian uprisings, decades of battering the crap out of middle eastern nations, and all the excitement that came with the Tony Blair years, that we have a generation of reporters who are, for the first time, realising that the general public in the UK are not simply made up out of slim line bankers and hood wearing rioting looters, and that there is a wider picture to the British social spectrum after all – though I hope the BBC are slightly more in tune with the country than that (hope we stress, not expect).

Of course there have been plenty of shouting voices coming back at the Beeb over this, no shortage of people retelling their tales of family woe, the parent who ran every day and only eat fruit, who was still struck down by cancer, who in turn shout ‘stop scaremongering and nannying us, it gets everyone’; there are those who suggest the same report is telling us that 60% of cancers are indeed unavoidable and that we should just not bother, and then the voice from the other side of the argument, who suggest that those 40% of possible self inflicted cancers should be forced to pay up for the healthcare costs of their self inflicted malaise – following the discussion boards on the BBC, trying to avoid cancer would certainly appear to be a divisive subject.

In short, it’s a daft report, which reveals nothing that we do not know already. What perhaps should more a point of concern is that so many people in the UK are not getting the message, or that they are and simply don’t care. Perhaps one conclusion to draw from this is that, despite being furnished with all the knowledge required to lead a healthy life, there is a statistically relevant proportion of the population who simply don’t care, who will sit on their arses, do nothing, drink ‘til their blood could intoxicate if consumed, whose arms might actually produce donut related jam were they to be squeezed.

Let us be clear, for many cancer is a indiscriminate little bitch of a disease, and we as a race fight a collective game of chance with it, it might get you, it might not. But the warnings are there people, and have been for a very long time. Choose to heed them, or don’t, that is your choice, but there are ways in which it can be avoided, should you wish to. Leading the perfect life is no guarantee, but it can help. The BBC report is no indictment on the lazy, the smoker and the drinker, it just states what we’ve known all along, too much of it, and it might kill you, nothing to get excited about, so will be BBC please calm down.

N.B. While the Beeb is doing its best to spook the unhealthy in the nation into action, they carry on the same day a health warning for marathon runners regarding heart disease…dammed if you don’t, potentially dead if you do. Just remember, smoking can kill you, marathon running can kill you, whether you choose to do either if very much down to you.