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Wanders in Bridgend

Bridgend has no shortage of hidden gems, and while castles a plenty are there to be found, churches, chapels and pubs shape the town and its surroundings as well. Just a few samples to be had below – before looking at some castles tomorrow.

Walking down from the train station, into the historic heart of the town, religious centres are scattered about, some being the home of a rather different kind of worship…

And while some of these churches have become pubs, some pubs are unlikely to ever become churches, though the prominent flag of St David may give pause for thought, or at least cause for another round.

Photos: Remembering France

An unplanned entry here, as we find ourselves stuck in the office with nothing left to do, and having waded through the image files, come across some old images from adventures in France – nothing Welsh, nothing political, and certainly nothing to do with rugby, but enjoy all the same.

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