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For Want of Cricket at Glamorgan County Cricket Club.

 There was a time not so very long ago, when Robert Croft danced and sang his way into the night as Glamorgan Country Cricket club celebrated a remarkable county championship victory. It was a time of great excitement for cricket inWales. Not that many year after, the same cricket club played host to an experimental Wales v England series of one day ‘internationals’, that saw an even more remarkable result in the first engagement, as Wales defied the odds to secure a comprehensive victory. For a time the success gave way to mediocrity which in turn gave way to abject on field catastrophes. Then, the guiding hand of Maynard, the name that was so synonymous with the success that had been tasted by the club in recent memory, returned to turn the club around from county cricket embarrassments, to form defying competitors who recorded back to back victories and then some for the first time in almost half a decade. In honour of his efforts to turn the club around, Maynard was fired, and went with him out of the door followed the last shred of any competitive sense the club might once have had, the last semblance of respect the organisation deserved as a competitive sports team.

 Now we hear, having stood resolutely in the way of Welsh country cricket fans ability to enjoy their sport, that Glamorgan Country Cricket Club are going to do their upmost to block the formation of a Welsh International Cricket team. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the goal of a Welsh sports team be to develop the best Welsh sportspeople? Should they not strive for those talented Welsh athletes to represent their nation? Not if it costs Glamorgan Country Cricket Club anything!

 So much of what has been rotten with this cricket club has been its manifest in its desperate clamour for cash. Destroying Glamorgan’s original ground and abandoning its relationship with so many historic grounds aroundWalesin order to construct the meccano style stadium that occasionally hosts international cricket, has been the bain of the clubs recent history. Yet it was not done with any notion of developing the next generation of cricketers inWales, no, it was done to make money, the irony of course being that any game of cricket involving a team other than England and Australia proved to be a crippling financial inconvenience that served to embarrass both the club and the nation.

 Now we hear that the only reason that Glamorgan’s elite school of managerial idiots would want to block the formation of a Welsh international cricket team, would be for the fear that their crappy little stadium might no longer be able to host the loss leading Englandtest matches that they so jealously guard. Once again, Glamorgan Country Cricket Club show themselves to be as narrow minded and selfish as they have been with every single executive decision taken in the 21st century. Me, me, me they cry, why, why, why we should be shouting back. Why on earth should we care what Glamorgan want for the future of Welsh cricket, given that they seem to care so little for it themselves.

 Frankly, cricket in Wales does not begin and end at Glamorgan, as has been shown with the newly elevated status of the Cardiff University side to first class level. Glamorgan have come to symbolise something very rotten, and their existence is not a prerequisite for the growth of the game in Wales, the creation or otherwise of an individual Welsh team, and certainly not for the sustainability of the game. That they think and probably believe that they hold the power of veto over the creation of a Welsh international team goes only to illustrate the extent of their inflated ego. It’s time somebody told those who hold the reins of power at Glamorgan where they can go with it, because their current stance, and that taken on most cricketing matters over the last 5 years, have only served to damage the game in Wales – we might well be better off without them!