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What is a shirt worth?

Really Cardiff City…really? For the sake of ‘tradition’, you would sacrifice how many millions of pounds worth of investment? As daft decision go, the sudden desire amongst the Cardiff City community to throw up their hands in disgust at the prospect of their ‘traditions’ being undermined, a move that could well put pay to a planned investment that would not just develop the club for the future, but preserve its very existence, is at the very least short sighted, if not completely daft.

Now, EyeOnWales tends to fight the cause for tradition more than most, usually to a fault. But one wonders where Cardiff City’s traditional values were when the club was sold out to overseas investors? One wonders where the attitude that puts tradition above all things was when their beloved Ninian Park was demolished and given over for a profitable housing development project. Let’s face it Cardiff City, you’ve sold out on plenty of the clubs ‘traditional’ qualities in recent years, what’s a shirt colour to add to the mix?

Were the shirt to change colour to appease those generous Malaysians who own, what is that they own, oh yes, the club, what exactly would change? Would Cardiff City stop being Cardiff City? Would fans upon entering the stadium next season take on the appearance of lost children in a supermarket, knowing that certain shapes and smells were familiar, but having no ideas of where to go or what to do? No, of course not, it would be the same club, wearing a different top. After all, what football club has not been selling out on their away shirts for decades already – where was the tradition when fans bought the arbitrary replica away strip with this season’s random colour selection?

It would appear Cardiff City fans have a choice, they can accept the level of investment that they otherwise would be weeping at the prospect of receiving, in exchange for a new shirt, or they can keep playing in blue until the club folds, and then what, support Swansea City is it? Or how about switching allegiance to Newport County, after all, they play in colours far closer to the shirt originally worn by the foundation club for Cardiff City – if it’s all about the colour on the shirt, then Cardiff City gave up on their ‘traditions’ some hundred years ago.

Those who flap their arms in the defence of tradition in football need a timely slap in the face and the instruction to grow up. There is no tradition left in football! The world game sold out decades ago to Pepsi, Coca Cola, Mars, then the oligarchs, the emirates, the chicken farmers and anyone else willing to spray hot liquid cash onto the faces of those who maintained their verbal allegiance to tradition, while allowing their actions to be remiss of a two penny whore desperate for their next hit.

You want to survive in the big leagues Cardiff City? Then time to face up to the reality of it – you need money, not just to succeed but to survive. Is a new shirt that much of a price to pay? It would seem so. Well, best of luck with it – a defence of tradition at Cardiff City is to be admired. We can only hope that their morals allow them to survive long enough to see all those other oh so ‘traditional’ clubs surge past them. Seeing red? For CardiffCity, it will appear that it is only the bank balance that will now reflect such colours…that is until they face one more, probably fatal winding up order from the HMRC.

*12/05/12 (As has been pointed out on twitter, this was not just about a shirt change, but a badge change as well…of course, that makes such a difference to the debate doesn’t it? *eye-role*)