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Monarchs in Cardiff – Twitterverse Responds.

So, we understand the English monarchy were in town today. Apart from some unnecessary traffic congestion, we didn’t really notice the difference. However, there was an interesting and at times amusing set of twitterings on the subject, some welcoming them, some very much not welcoming them, and a handful of views that were somewhere in between. Frankly, we were a little disappointed by the range of comments, nothing overly incendiary at all in the end, still, the range of comments provide an interesting cross section of views on the visit.


Those not so happy said:


I choose to air my republicanism. I reserve my RIGHT to not go and bow before queen, born to a position of power, who has never been elected.

David Raybould@daveraybould

Going to try to be positive today. Promote the benefits of visiting German royalty.

Simon Coopey@SimonCoopey

Wales has a ‘queen’? I don’t remember voting for one. #gweriniaeth

Al Iguana@aliguana

I know, let’s take a leaf from North Korea’s book and give every child a Union Jack, then get them to line up and wave them at Liz. Oh wait.


I notice the queen not coming to North Wales on her tour…good #stayinEngland


 Those who were in the middle, or just not aware said:

Elizabeth Windsor@Queen_UK

Stand by Wales. Your Queen is coming for you.

Dean Burnett@garwboy

Cardiff Bay is crawling with Police today. Apparently because the Queen is coming. I don’t get how someone this dangerous is head of state

Samantha Bull@raccoonteeth

Why is the queen in Cardiff? I keep seeing tweets about it


Is it bad that I’m totally unfussed about the Queen visiting Wales? I was more excited when I got a Care Bear back in 1987.


 And those who rolled out the red carpet suggested:

suzy davies@suzydavies

Very much looking forward to lunch with Her Majesty later!#diamondjubilee

Daran Hill@DaranHill

A very warm welcome to HM The Queen to Cardiff today. A hero we can all believe in #diamondjubilee

Alex Powell@Alex_D_Powell

Fantastic to see so much support for the monarch in Wales!! Queen starts Wales tour at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff


Despite what Republican Leanne Wood and barmy #Plaid Cymru would like us to think we always welcome the Queen to Wales.

A Vote for Romney is a Vote for Welsh Cakes!

For those living in Wales, and with access to the rather random frequency which BBC Wales is broadcast on (so for those in the South West of England there is a good chance you do receive it, while for those living in South East Wales there is a good chance you don’t), you’ll be familiar with the rather desperate attempts made by the Welsh news coverage to find any and all Welsh connections to any and all world events, however ephemeral they might be. Well, we now have a direct reason to be involved in the Republican nomination campaign in the United States. BBC Wales revealed today that Mitt Romney is married to a proper Welsh woman! Well, Welsh by descent she may be, but Ann Romney would appear to be doing sterling work in the states, promoting the humble Welsh cake.

Now debates may rage about which is the best kind of cake out there, but in Wales the argument is usually ended with the presentation and subsequent consumption of a plate of Welsh cakes. A wonderful treat, perfect in size and form, the Welsh cake is a masterful offering as either a dessert or a light snack during the day, anytime of day, anytime of year, the little Welsh cake is a versatile champion of the cake world. Frankly EyeOnWales has little interest in the Republican nomination campaign, or who ends up in the White house, yet the prospect of Welsh cakes being served in said building has suddenly made the issues real, and we now have an opportunity to put Welsh cakes in the White house, and on to a global scale. The kitchen of Ann Romney could well become the most powerful marketing tool for the Welsh gastronomic economy (if such a thing exists).

So, having given this no further thought than the fact that Welsh cakes are in some way involved, EyeOnWales is proud to give its full endorsement to Mitt Romney, his wife and her Welsh cakes, to take the Republican nomination, and carry our national cakes all the way to the White house. If we could, we would be voting Romney/Cakes!