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Six Nations Donkey Awards: Round 2

Not the busiest weekend on the Six Nations Donkey front, though much of that can be put down to a third of the fixtures not being played (though this in itself will be covered below), while many of the main protagonists of last weekend, Dan Parks and Bradley Davies (one through choice, one less so) were not in attendance. Still, a selection of ‘stars’ could be picked out from the two games that were played, though the first selection goes far beyond any one player or official…

No. 1. Duw it’s cold Mun!

Some cried about the referee’s decision, some cried about the timing of the final decision, while some in the stadium just cried. While the actual motivation behind calling the France v Ireland fixture off could not be faulted (player safety being the one thought of the day), the thousands in the stadium and the millions watching on television screens around Europe, could all be perfectly justified in their disappointment, dismay and general anger given that the final decision was made some 5 minutes before the scheduled kick-off.

Now it is probably too harsh to blame the referee, his emphasis must fall on the side of whether or not a player would be crippled for life should they go out on to a pitch. It’s also probably too harsh to blame the stadium designers, though for such an expensive arena you would have thought the budget could stretch to some under soil heating…or a kettle. There are probably around about twenty six individuals or organisations who could take the donkey points for this, but we are going to award it to two in particular. The RBS Six Nations fixture committee and the people of France. You are the only two in the world who want games played on Fridays, or in the middle of the night! Nobody else wants it, indeed, most of us hate it, and it ruins the Six Nations for everyone. If eyes turned to the French and Irish women, they got a game on in France having kicked off at 2.30pm…there’s a lesson in that somewhere.

The French (for simply giving us the ridiculous concept of night time matches), Donkey Score: 5

RBS Six Nations fixture committee (for letting them), Donkey Score: 4


No. 2. We are England.

Following ITV’s coverage of the Rugby World Cup, we all spent a lot of time lamenting the fact that we couldn’t have the BBC and their wonderful commentary team…Italy v England however served to undermine that little theory. An enjoyable game was made almost unbearable by the BBC commentary team, who seemed to be taking it in turns to jerk off over a picture of Owen Farrell in the match day programme in their enthusiasm for the England cause. We can only hope that few if any Italian fans had to rely on the BBC for their coverage!

Donkey Score: 3


No. 3. The Charitable Man from Cheshire

Ben Foden was in a particularly generous mood in Rome on the weekend, the man couldn’t stop himself from letting Italy score. While there were some question marks over how much he was to blame for letting Italy score the first try, with the ball ricocheting awkwardly off of Foden’s chest, he wanted to make no doubt that the second Italian try was definitely his fault. A pin point pass into the hands of the Italian centre, meant that Foden will always be welcome in Rome, forever known as the English man who giveth away.

Donkey Score: 3


No. 4. It’s all just a little bit of history repeating.

Scotland like to make things challenging no. Having thrown away a commanding lead against Wales in 2010 by allowing half of the starting line-up to retire to the sin-bin, Scotland seemed intent on doing it again. As it was when Shane Williams crossed for a dramatic victory two years ago, Scotland, through two of the most donkeyish decisions seen in some time, managed to reduce themselves down to thirteen men, and consigned themselves to another defeat. De Luca and Lamont, you are our yellow card donkeys of the week.

Donkey Score: 2 (1 each)