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The Jubilee: A Tale of Two Pensioners.

The scene: a small local pharmacy.

The occasion: an elderly gentleman, around 80-90 years old, with the assistance of two walking sticks, making his way to the counter.

The event: said elderly gentleman requests his prescription medicines, multiple large and heavy bags worth of pills.

The discussion:

‘I can’t carry these home, they are too heavy, can they be delivered please?’

‘The next delivery won’t be made until Wednesday I’m afraid’ replies the cashier.

‘But I can’t wait until then for my medicine’

‘Well you can carry them home now if you like?’ responds the ambivalent cashier, ignorant of the man’s age or that his own means of staying upright was through the use of two sticks gripped in both hands.

‘But I can’t carry them, they are too heavy, and I have no free hands’ is the meek and slightly desperate response.

‘Well like I say, the delivery goes out on Wednesday’.

‘Why not before?’

‘Well we are closed for the Jubilee you see’ [that would be Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the man would now have to wait].

‘But that’s not good enough, I need my medicine, I won’t make…’ he pauses, ‘I can’t wait that long’.

‘Well I don’t know what we can do about that I’m afraid’ if all the help provided in the store, and the elderly gentleman makes his way to a seat, slightly confounded by the situation.

Now, in observing this amazing exchange, the eventual conclusion was reached where, after some ten minutes of calling around, the pharmacy managed to find someone with a relationship to the man in question, to assist him, a happy resolution to a situation that saw the mobility challenged pensioner breathing himself into a panic attack, thanks to the initial disregard. A mess cleaned up, but a dangerous situation created in the first place, that could have been avoided.

Why was this the case? Because a very different pensioner is having a party, a party which will have the same impact on the economy and public services as if a general strike had been called.

Want a party? Have it on the weekend, but don’t let this indulgence risk the lives of others, because that is what is happening. Few people seem to be aware of the second bank holiday, the second day of ‘celebration’, and many more will be caught out like this gentleman was today. The stress witnessed today was completely unnecessary and the direct product of this ridiculous extravagance. We can only hope that, for the sake of a party on a weekday, that nothing worse than stress occurs, because what was witnessed today could have been much much worse.