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Newport Rebellion.

Not the usually commentary or photographs here, but more a promotional nod and a wave of approval for the newest enterprise in Newport (South Wales), the Tiny Rebel Brewery. It’s been a bit of a promotional nightmare for Newport in recent months. Channel 4’s ‘Bouncers’, while a fair reflection on an element of Newport life, was probably a little on the side of sensational (I was wondering through Newport a few days ago in the daylight hours and saw no signs of riots or blooded half cut teenagers, let alone any bouncers), while what should be one of Newport’s most commercially viable platforms, their European playing regional rugby team, seems to be losing player based assets on a daily basis, and let’s not even begin to deal with the ghost town that Commercial Street, the supposed economic heart of the shopping district, has become…all in all, there are few positives to be shouting about.

That being said, there are those in and from Newport, who see the opportunities for positive engagement, and this new brewery stands as a positive symbol on numerous levels. For a new business to be born in the city is an exciting endeavour, and bucks the usual news story trends to dominate south Wales headlines regarding the town, but it is equally positive to see a new micro brewery, Newport’s first, appear on the ale stage. Real ale in many respects mirrors Newport’s decline and ongoing struggle. But for new purveyors of that delicious brew, given the name of hops, is a positive for both ale in south Wales, and Newport as a whole.

Plenty to be found on the Tiny Rebel brewery here: (the art work really is worth a look on its own). It’s very early days, but it is for now, at the very least, the makings of a good news story for the city, and we might all raise a pint to what is currently a small enterprise, but given the right level of support and continued enthusiasm, might well have the potential to become a positive and recognisable Newport brand, something the city has long needed.

Cheers Tiny Rebels, and iechyd da!