Foul Mouthed Adulterer Captures BBC Hearts.

The sad news that John Terry has quit his occasional role as English international footballing pariah was greeted with a great outpouring of grief from the BBC this morning. Okay, perhaps that is not quite how they told the story, but their obsession with this oaf of a celebrity is as galling as it ever has been. On a day when storms wreak havoc across the island, politicians embarrass themselves and school children are kidnapped, the good ol’ Beeb can’t help itself but flap wildly in the direction of football’s least honorable of individuals.

It does not seem so long ago that there was much talk about Olympic heroes, sports personalities people could be proud of, a break from the interminable necessity to scrabble for the crumbs of attention brushed off of the table of Premiership football. Yet here we are again, the least respectable element of that footballing fraternity is showered in the limelight once more.

While the courts of law might have dismissed any allegations regarding any alleged racial abuse, it is still quite clear that foul mouthed obscenities tumble out of Terry’s mouth with ease, while no court room injunction can disguise his adulterous past. There is little commendable about this individual, little to aspire to. Those who might go on to cite his qualities as a player would do well to remember that ‘playing ‘ is his job, the fact his job is playing football does not mean that his societal responsibilities are any lesser than those of the mere mortals who don’t have to concentrate on an inflated ball to bring in their weekly income.

Why this person was ever of any national interest is a staggeringly bleak reflection on our collective interests (and yes, we even detest the fact that we are typing these words, we detest the man and still can’t escape writing about him). Perhaps though the BBC can calm themselves and finally leave this wretched angry little man to wither away to the back pages of the newspapers. However, what is far more likely is that in a few years time when this rat fully retires, the BBC will be back once more, no doubt fawning over his inspired leadership in the face of adversity.

Once more BBC, where is the off switch?


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